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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of The Month: Noise Removal

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

With the recent release of the noise removal feature in Webex, we want to hear how YOU are using it! 

In less than 50 words, respond to this post sharing how the noise removal feature is helping you stay focused or saving you from any embarrassing moments. By responding to this post, you will be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 headset! This post will stay active for the entire month of March. We will randomly select a winner and reach out to them directly in the first week of April. 

As a part of Webex's mission to make the meeting experience 10x better, the noise removal feature filters out any distracting noises with the click of a button. Using our advanced audio processing technology, your focus in a meeting won't be compromised by the harsh sound of garbage trucks, whistling air conditioners, or even your neighbor's blaring music. There are numerous occasions this feature can work for YOU.


If you haven't had the chance to use the noise removal feature, check out these links to help get you started and download the Quick Start Guide attached


Respond to this post and share how you are using the noise removal feature! Your response will enter you into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 Headset! 


Working in a home office!

Just activate and (for me) every working fine !!!



Working in a home office!

just activate it and works (for me)!


This is a really useful feature especially during the lockdown: I take my university lectures with my 6-years-old daughter. 


I haven't tried the noise reduction feature yet, but definitely will.  It will give me a little peace of mind knowing that my team meetings won't involve background noises like another member of the household dropping something and shouting expletives (yes this happened!). I also don't have a headset at home at all, so the free one would be great!


Can't wait to try it. Hope it helps with unwanted feedback too.


Hosting a Webex meeting or a customer, while my daughter was home from college with her German Shepard.  I kept apologizing on the call to my customer about the loud barking that the dog would do whenever anything passed the window.  But the customer just responded by saying they had not heard anything.  I love this feature, if it were enabled by default then I could have the pleasure of a meeting with no distractions from other user's backgrounds.


I have been using the Cisco Webex for sometime now and it has been useful except recently due to Covid, I wasn't being constant with the Cisco Webex platform.

But overall, It's an interesting platform to rely on. 


I'm often in a noisy environment and need to use WebEx, this is a great way to make sure that others can clearly hear me.

Philip Hubinsky

I live next to an elementary school. As the weather has warmed, I've been opening windows more often and soon will be taking some meetings outdoors on my deck. Keeping the sounds of children playing at recess, or their parents honking at each other while dropping off and picking up their kids, is certainly helpful for others attending the meeting. 


This is very helpful.  It will protect meeting from your own room noises too.  

Kyle Stewart

I work in a socially distanced office with 5 other people in the room and while we have a great team that gets along very well professionally and personally it can get rather noisy in here. This feature works so well that it sounds like they're not even there...for the other participants that is .


The noise removal feature is really working. As a teacher, sometimes, I listen some background noise. I just realize this was working because one of my students told me: "Excuse me, sir. But this noise was my dog barking to the neighbor." But, I din't listen the dog barking. Although that had also happened one week before and than (without this feature) I listened that noise. So, this is a great way to clean up all  noise from my communication and so all students can understand clearly what I'm saying. Thanks to Cisco Webex!


WFH has it's challenges, and normal activity in the household, and neighborhood can create embarrassing moments during a virtual meeting. Many times I forget to mute my mic or am not quick enough to mute, then apologize for the disruption. There have been times when I didn't say anything, hoping others would not realize the noise was coming from my end, but I was still embarrassed. The ability to remove the background noise definitely helps to keep the meetings professional.


The noise reduction helps to remove all the noises (Lawnmowers, Dogs barking, Kids yelling, etc.) as we continue to get our work done from our Home Offices.


The noise removal feature is more critical than ever with so many people working at home.  This feature has allowed my meetings to be much more productive by not having the distractions of a participant's background noise when they speak.  We have several team members that had struggled to participate without having distracting noise affect their contributions, and this feature has pretty much eliminated that problem.  

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