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Accessing the workgroup bridge to configure it


Core Issue

Since the 340 and 350 workgroup bridges do not have a console port, it may not be clear how to access the device to configure them.


The two ways to access the workgroup bridge are by using a Telnet session or an Internet browser:

  • To access the bridge with a Telnet session, perform these steps: 

    1. On your computer's Start menu, choose Programs > Accessories > Telnet.

      If Telnet is not listed in your Accessories menu, click Start > Run.


      Type Telnet in the entry field and press Enter.    

    2. When the Telnet window appears, click Connect and select Remote System.


      In Windows 2000, the Telnet window does not contain pull-down menus. To start the Telnet session in Windows 2000, type Open followed by the bridge's IP address and skip to Step 4.

    3. In the Host Name field, type the bridge's IP address provided by the IP Finder Utility.


      Note: Refer to the bridge's hardware installation guide for detailed instructions on using the IP Finder Utility.     

    4. Click Connect.

    When the connection is made, the main menu appears on your console.

  • To connect to the workgroup bridge with an Internet browser, start the connection as shown: http://<ip address of workgroup bridge>. 

    You can use the IP Setup Utility (IPSU) to find the bridge's IP address when it has been assigned by a DHCP server. You can also use IPSU to set the bridge's IP address and Service Set Identifier (SSID), depending on which configuration method you choose.


    The IPSU cannot query the bridge's IP address when the computer running IPSU is on a different subnet than the bridge. If your bridge receives an IP address from a DHCP server, you must install and run IPSU on a computer on the same subnet as the bridge. However, because IPSU uses IP multicast, it can set the bridge's IP address and SSID when the computer running IPSU is on a different subnet than the bridge.


For more information, refer to the Installing the IP Setup Utility section of Configuring the Bridge.

Problem Type

Cannot console or telnet or GUI into a device


Workgroup bridges