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Migration from PI 3.7 to PI 3.10

Hi all,I'm in the process of migrating from PI v3.7 to v3.10. Because I've had a number of problems since moving from 3.3 to 3.7, I've decided to start a fresh and not try a backup and restore of the appliance to 3.10.I've imported our maps, added ou...

CiaranB by Beginner
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Hello Team,Whether more noise level will cause teams call disconnection.Todays users reported teams call disconnection and during that time got the report from dnac for high noise levelwhat all the parameters will cause more noise issue in 5ghz.Ap mo...

Anjana A by Beginner
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C9800 WLC flexconnect client vlan into native AP vlan

we want to configure FlexConnect Profile for 3 SSIDs on different access switches. Each access switch has a different native vlan. flexconnect SSID1: vlan 200flexconnect SSID2: vlan 300flexconnect SSID3: the native vlan of the switch, which is varyin...

WLC 5520 CIMC upgrade

One of our 5520 controllers crapped out, and after some research it was due to the CIMC firmware being old and the flex flash not being enabled. I followed the instructions in bug notes for CSCvo33873 and got through the firmware upgrade. what I am s...

cmarva by Enthusiast
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WiFi incredibly slow compared to LAN

We have a Cisco 5508 WLC controlling 53x AIR-AP2802I-Q-K9.current image is 8.5.171We are experiencing under 10Mbps speed and at best ~20Mbps while when connected on wired, we get ~600MbpsMost clients are Apple Macbook Pro laptops and on using 5GHz ra...

copy run start not a valid command ?

hello we have just booted up a cisco Aironet 3802I (AIR-AP3802I-A-K9) access point. i've connected using SSH and logged in.  there is no copy run start cli command from what i can tell? What am I missing here? (feeling very stupid)  cisco AIR-AP3802I...

Unable to access gui when ssid is changed

If you change the ssid, you will not be able to access the gui for a certain period of time. Of course, ping doesn't go out either. And after a certain amount of time, you can connect again. Is there a command related to that? *Model : 9800-CL (vWLC)

JJJHL by Beginner
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Resolved! C9105AXI-E EWC internal DHCP

Hi there,I want to configure my C9105AXI-E Access Point for an AP-on-a-Stick site survey. I have already booted up with the ewc image. Now I am getting a warning that asks to do the basic day 0 provisioning prior to the deployment of the AP. What I w...

Prime 3.10 reports that my 9120AXI units have 3 radios

Prime 3.10 report that my 9120AXI units have either 2 radios, a+b (xor)  Traditional or 3 radios a+b (Xor)+n  the 'n' defined as aux radio mainAll my units are configured the same  with only one drawing 30w poe and 8 drawing 23.2.  Yes that 3 radio a...

AireOS 8.10MR8 Escalation Special

Update As of 2-Dec-2022, the Escalation Special has been superseded by the public release. will continue to be TAC supported, but customers should upgrade to when convenient. Both builds contain the follo...

Aaron by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! 2700 AP stuck "downloading" loop on C9800 WLC

hi,2700 AP forever stuck downloading..C9800 WLC is on 17.3.x software.below are the logs. think is the MIC on the AP expired.Any advise?extracting ap3g2-k9w8-mx.153-3.JPJ9/R2.bin (15184 bytes)!!extracting info.ver (291 bytes)*Dec 7 03:11:22.359: Curr...

AP Image Download Fails Due to Expired Image Signing Certificate

    - FYI : https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/aironet-700-series-access-points/218447-ios-ap-image-download-fails-due-to-expir.html            https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/field-notices/725/fn72524.html   M.

marce1000 by VIP Mentor
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WLC9800 L Cannot get DHCP to work on isolated Guest WLAN

I have a new 9800 L configured on the network.  The corporate WLAN is working and we are getting DHCP.  However, on our Guest WLAN I cannot get DHCP to work.  For the Guest WLAN we have vlanxxx with DHCP coming from our firepower on a DMZ interface. ...

TRNHelp by Beginner
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3502i can't join WLC5508

Hello folks, reaching out here after reading lot of article and sorting many issues, but still APs can't join the controller, WLC and APs logs are attached, below some quick outputs ** AP ** AP7c69.f694.0065#show versionCisco IOS Software, C3500 Soft...

AyoubC by Beginner
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