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Hi all!I bought a C9210AXI-EWC for a small location.I configured an ip address on Gigabit Ethernet 0. My switchport is configured as a trunk and native vlan.I'm not able to ping the EWC.cdp neighbor detail on the switch is showing the ap, but no mana...

as00001111 by Beginner
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Does anyone have idea  about following things for C9124AXE-X outdoor  Frequency Stability: ...............ppm and  Receiver Sensitivity: ................................μV for 12 dB SIAND, Signaling: CTCSS/DTMF

I'm using packet tracer and trying to use the WLC to configure 2 light access points however for some reason the WLC will not connect to the network. I've had it connecting before but it would never recognize either of the the lightweight access poin...


This is with regard to Meraki, BUT it can apply to any wireless deployment...IHAC who has Meraki MR32 APs in their environment and they want to replace them with MR57 APs. Now, there is a word of difference between the two... 2x2:2 vs 8x8x8 (MR57) 1G...

Hi,Per the title, I've got an issue with 5Ghz clients that have good signal strength because they are sat almost underneath the AP (1832 APs) yet but struggling to get more than 1Mbps throughput.  I can see the channel utilisation is over 50% but zer...

hi all,i have some inquiries for WLC 3504- how can i get current TLS version applied on WLC ?- how can i get current SSL version applied on WLC ?- what is recommended version for SSL now and TLS ?- when i access WLC GUI i need to install certificate ...

Hi, I am planning to migrate some 1832i  AP 8.5.171 to 9800 17.12.2, can we point the AP to the new WLC, will it upgrade itself? Is any code conversion required prior?Both are in HA and ISE with Mac authentication for clients, what's the preferred wa...

Kevin100 by Beginner
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