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Converting Mesh AP to Local mode and vice-versa using AP CLI




Dhiresh Yadav is a wireless expert and working for the Cisco's High Touch Technical Support (HTTS) team, a team that provides reactive technical support to majority of Cisco’s premium customers. In this document Dhiresh has explained about the commands needed for the conversion from Mesh AP mode to Local mode and Vice-versa. This is feature introduced in the CUWN 8.0.


  • How to configure the Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) and lightweight access point (LAP) for basic operation
  • Basic Knowledge of Mesh and Local AP  modes.

Components used

The information in this document is based on all AP hardware models connected to controllers on 8.0 CUWN version.


Behaviour Before 8.0:
An AP in Bridge mode needs to first join a WLC that is configured with the proper AP MAC address in its Auth-list before you can change that AP’s mode.

Configure the AP in CUWN 8.0 and onwards:

  • capwap ap mode local
  • capwap ap mode bridge

This command will cause the AP to reload.


Before switching an AP from Local to Bridge mode ensure that the AP has an image with a full radio support (…-k9w8-…) so that it can support Radios and that the AP MAC address has been added to the WLC.


Issue the  following command on the AP and the WLC  to verify if it has changed its mode
On the AP:

  • show capwap client config

On the WLC

  • show ap config general <AP-name>


Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.0 - Controlling Lightweight Access Points


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