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How to upgrade a 350 or 1200 series AP from VxWorks firmware to Cisco IOS firmware



For background on the upgrade procedure and recovery steps, in case the upgrade does not occur as expected, refer to Upgrade Cisco Aironet AP 1200 to IOS.

For information on how to upgrade an AP to Cisco IOS  firmware with the conversion tool, refer to Using the Conversion Tool.

For more information on how to upgrade an AP to Cisco IOS firmware without the conversion tool, refer to Upgrading an Access Point to Cisco IOS Operation Without the Conversion Tool.

Note: This upgrade is permanent. VxWorks cannot be downgraded from Cisco IOS firmware since the VxWorks bootloader is overwritten during the upgrade process.

If VxWorks version 12.04 or later is used, first downgrade VxWorks to 12.03. For more information, refer to the Downgrading VxWorks Firmware Version to 12.03T section of Upgrade Cisco Aironet AP 1200 to IOS.

These are the supported VxWorks firmware versions for conversion to Cisco IOS firmware:

  • 12.03T  

  • 12.02T1  

  • 12.01T1  

  • 12.00T  

  • 11.56  


The upgrade must be performed through the wired connection to the AP. Additionally, the station from which the upgrade is performed must be on the same Ethernet segment as the AP.

Note: To run the upgrade process successfully, the AP must have at least 4 MB of DRAM available. Otherwise the upgrade fails. Issue the :vxdiag_memshow VxWorks command at the console prompt, or at a Telnet session, to display the amount of free DRAM.

Note: If the upgrade process from VxWorks to Cisco IOS fails, the AP must be recovered. For more information on this process, refer to the Recover from a Failure section of Upgrade Cisco Aironet AP1200 to IOS.

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