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The user receives "No user certificates were found on your computer. Machine certificates will be used for Domain Logon if Use Machine Information For Domain Logon check box is checked" error message


Core Issue

This error message appears when both the Extensible Authentication Protocol Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS) machine authentication and the user authentication on the client utility are enabled, but the client utility does not start user authentication after domain login.


This problem is a symptom of hitting Cisco bug ID CSCsc23996.

If you want the client to attempt to log into a domain using machine authentication with a machine certificate and machine credentials, check the Use Machine Information For Domain Logon check box when the Define Certificate window appears.

If you want the client to authenticate using user credentials, install the appropriate user certificate on your computer.

For more information on configuring EAP-TLS, refer Enabling EAP-TLS section of Creating profiles in client utility.

For more information on configuration, refer to the Obtain a Certificate for the ACS Server section of Cisco Secure ACS for Windows v3.2 With EAP-TLS Machine Authentication.

For additional information on error messages, refer to Error Messages.

Problem Type

Error message


WLAN adapters (wireless card) / ACU (Aironet Client Utility)

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