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What is the maximum number of infrastructure Access Points that can associate with a WDS Access Point?



To configure Wireless Domain Services (WDS) on your WLAN network, either an Access Point (AP) or a switch with the Wireless LAN Services Module (WLSM) must be configured as the WDS device.

A WDS-configured AP that also serves client devices (provides associations to client devices) supports up to 30 participating infrastructure APs, but a WDS AP with radios disabled supports up to 60 participating APs.

In versions earlier than 12.3(4)JA, Cisco did not support more than 60 APs with a WDS AP with radios off. But Cisco did not enforce this restriction of 60 APs. Now Cisco enforces the limitation that was documented earlier. If a WLSM-equipped switch is used, a WDS device supports up to 300 infrastructure APs.

For more information, refer to the Understanding WDS section of Configuring WDS, Fast Secure Roaming, and Radio Management.

For more information on WDS,refer to Wireless Domain Services FAQ

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