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CS-ROOM55-WMK Dismounting help


Hi There,


Our company had a bunch of Cisco webex room 55 units installed in our building using the mount CS-ROOM55-WMK. The units need to be removed from the walls now and we are having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to get them off those mounts. The mounts do not swivel or move and the clearance between the wall and unit is almost none, as well as the release handle is indented deep into the back of the unit making it nearly impossible to reach. There doesnt seem like any way to get to the back of the unit to release it from the mount. 


Is it possible im missing something with removing these? is there a trick where you just have to pull the unit in a certain direction to get it to release without having to pull the pull tab release? I have tried using some force and the whole thing seems sturdy and not ready to budge without that release being pulled.

I have attached pictures of the release on the back of another unit and the mount for tv mount (2).jpgcisco wall mount.jpg

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