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Admins, how do you notify new users and get them activated?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I was reading recently that most enterprise software is installed remotely and users just get an email from either IT, finance, or another department. I'm curious -

Admins, after you've set up the org, how do you notify users of the account and request they activate it? What do you do next? Does your enterprise org preinstall Webex on the user's computer and then send out an email; what department does the email come from? Does your small or medium business have an IT guy that just stops by the user's desk and walks them through it? Do you have a training session and have everyone follow along? Do you just train a champion or small group and let users fend for themselves? Do you build a bot? Soft launch and just let people do it themselves?

Here's why I'm asking - My team and I would love to see examples of how you are rolling out Webex so we can support you in driving adoption. Feel free to send me a direct message if you'd prefer.

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Kathy N.

We don't notify users proactively about Webex or install it automatically.  We do manage all software on our devices though so the app is put in the MS Software Center and they can install it when needed. 


We have a dedicated website on our corporate Intranet that has documents, videos and other resources about the app.  We also offer a class once a month for all users to attend that highlights the new features and then opens up the rest of the session for questions and demonstrations.  Department trainings are available on request, we have a support center for general questions and a dedicated support staff person for more advanced questions.


Let me know if you need more information or have any questions.

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Interesting - So you make it available through your intranet and users can download the app if they need it. After the users activate the account, do you guys follow up?

We don't notify them proactively.  We are a school district so staff have many different needs.  Some only use it for joining meetings so have very basic needs and some are online teachers and use it for hours a day with other users (teachers and admin staff) anywhere in between these 2 extremes. 


We have an onsite educational tech support person for each school that helps with basic information in addition to our central support office and the dedicated staff person. Webex is pretty intuitive so most users don't need any additional support.  The monthly Webex training usually helps users get more detailed information on the features and they often pass this information on to others at their location so word of mouth is very useful in our organization.

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