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So today Amazon announced that ZOOM was coming to the echo show. Zoom and Amazon Chime on Echo Show devices: Alexa will be able to connect you with third-party video chat service Zoom, or Amazon's own Chime service. We need Webex on the Echo Show!!! ...

steeleryan by Enthusiast
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Using the whiteboard component can add engagement with people from all over the globe. Whether half the team is in person or virtual the collaboration of the whiteboard is a well added component.

kwark by Beginner
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Dears, I have created a webex meeting template from my Webex personal Room with registration enabled and set this template as default. When I try to generate the meeting from Webex Meeting Productivity Tools ( Outlook add-in) using the same template,...

brahim a by Beginner
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My dears, I am trying to find the Webex Control Hub Privacy Data Sheet but I am not capable of finding it anywhere. I have checked the Trust Portal and the search filter by Privacy Data Sheet + Webex Control hub returns no results strictly related to...

brahim a by Beginner
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I am not sure who out there has had the opportunity to use this feature, however I felt that it should be share and to give it a try as a user who is on the go and not always connected to WiFi, it is very useful. By going to : >Meeting setting > Then...

Just thinking about the following being an option to help support those that are remote users. During long meetings, it's not uncommon for attendees to step away briefly to attend to personal needs or handle pressing matters. Making an announcement e...