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Gamification suggestions?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Has anyone come up with any fun or unique games to encourage the use of Webex within their team/organization?

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Maksym Kozub

Now I will probably say something unpopular, but I will still say it. I would be very cautious about gamification within the context of Webex, which is, first of all, a business collaboration platform. I am not saying it should be boring, or that gamification is generally bad, but still...

For example, there is a risk of forcing people into competition when they do not necessarily want to compete.

See e.g., as just one example of risks I am trying to think about.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In addition to those great ideas, I believe using the ideas that were created for other meeting software such as Zoom would also be a good way. There are lots of gamification suggestions on the internet that can be adapted to Webex easily and help along the adoption process. Here's a website I found online that has some pretty interesting suggestions. 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes! Our team has done quite a few gamified adoption events. Check them out below: 

  • Every Friday, we post GIFs and memes describing our week in our team space. It makes for great conversation and a lot of laughs
  • We used a sketch feature to play team Pictionary. It was a blast! 
  • We love using Slido to create funny quizzes and, occasionally, do real work
  • We’re all for a good costume contest too
  • We hosted a Halloween scavenger hunt where the hosts put together a bingo board of items for participants to find. The first person to show up with the items got a point 

I have also been contemplating changing up my wardrobe to get some laughs and the conversation going. I was recently in a meeting with an SVP who wore a belt buckle that everyone was talking about in the participant's chat. I may wear an obnoxious tie or have crazy stuff in my background to spark conversations. 


We've done a few things in this area.

We've given usage data to business units to use in virtual town halls/summits/etc where they're using Kahoot or other game type scenarios. The numbers always blow people away.

We did a soft re-launch right before we knew we were about go into pandemic mode. We did a Tuesday event near our cafeteria in our main plaza area, balloons, give-a-ways, the whole nine. Our CSM set us up with some higher end swag like yeti's backpack's fancy socks, etc that we had on display. We have a thing we call Webex Wednesday around here where we have a semi-regular cadence of info we send out on Wednesdays through our comms channels that are webex specific. One of the things we did was give folks a card with a perforated tear-off with information about how to participate in tomorrow's Webex Wednesday. To enter for a prize you had to bring that tear off with your user id written on it.

We printed 500 tickets, 350 were given out, ~120 showed up in person, and a few online. It seemed to have  net positive result. 

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