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How would you roll out Webex to the cast of The Office?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I was watching The Office the other night and I was thinking how it'd be to work in the Scranton office during covid. Imagine rolling out Webex to the cast...
Jim, Pam, and maybe Holly would be fine...

I'd bet Kevin would be eating his chili during meetings...

Andy would have a perfectly perfect manicured background...

Crete would always have his camera and audio off...
Dwight would be a wild card... He might talk over everyone or maybe not...


How'd you do it? How would you get them to adopt Webex?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What a fun idea!

I think the key would be to get Jim on board, which he would for sure, even if would be just to prank Dwight in some way. When you get Dwight as your critic, he would totally love the overall efficiency of the meetings & would give great feedback on that front. With Dwight and Jim as your champions, I think the rest of the staff would follow suit. Perhaps some workshops would be needed for the less tech-savvy members.


The first thing is making sure Stanley keeps his camera on so he's not doing his crossword during the meeting!

You've gotta get people like Oscar, Phyllis, and Michael on board. They may not all be loved by everyone, but if they went all-in, the others would follow.

And keep Ryan far away. He'd somehow use Webex to run a crypto scam!

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