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Tell us how you use Webex Assistant for your Webex Meetings

Danny Servantez Jr
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Webex Community:  

At Webex, we always use our Webex Assistant, in Meetings and on our Webex Devices. When we need to book a room, schedule a meeting, or take action items, Webex Assistant is always there to create a seamless handsfree experience.  

Some of the commands for Webex Assistant include: 

OK Webex, create an action item... 

OK Webex, schedule a follow-up meeting... 

OK Webex, create an agenda... 

OK Webex, mute mic  

OK Webex, create a decision... 

OK Webex, pause current recording  

OK Webex, create a note... 

OK Webex, please turn down volume 30% 

OK Webex, create a summary... 

OK Webex, set the volume to 8  

OK Webex, create a task... 

OK Webex, maximize selfview please  

OK Webex, ...highlight that 

OK Webex, full screen review please  


OK Webex, pull up volume control  


We would love to know, what commands do you commonly use with your Webex Assistant for Meetings or Devices? 

In less than 100 words, comment below about what commands you use and what you love about Webex Assistant 

We’d also love to know your thoughts about specific problem areas that we can use the Webex Assistant to solve.   


More about Webex Assistant  

Webex Assistant is a digital assistant for the enterprise. The AI powered and voice activated Webex Assistant automates common collaboration tasks so you can focus on being more efficient at work.  



Did you know that you can also customize commands for your Webex Assistant with Webex Assistant Skills? 

Also, checkout our latest and greatest Webex Assistant Skills Platform.  Read all about it at and try to write a new skill.   

To learn more 


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

My favourite Webex Assistant commands are:

1. Join the meeting.
2. Take an action
3. Schedule a follow up meeting

I would also find very interesting that when you ask Webex Assistant to create a summary of the meeting that it will have the capability to create a Space with all meeting partipants and a command to share the content and summary of the meeting