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The Webex UI Refresh is here!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In June, we introduced the new Webex logo and a fresh take on dark mode; in August, we released new illustrations in the apps. Now, we're pleased to announce a refreshed UI that embodies the new Webex brand-rolling out in November to all customers. Meet the new Webex! 


Seamless Flow 
A design foundation based on roundness and curves, suggesting collaboration and fluidity. 

Vibrant Energy 
Uplifting colors, gentle gradients, motion, and updated illustration and typography give the app a new level of energy. 

Intuitive Focus 
Open composition and intuitive layouts, the refined look of black and white, and high-contrast elements help you focus on what matters most. 

Infinite Identity 
Flexible and adaptable, Webex allows individual expression through a customizable interface. 

While many of these changes are cosmetic, rest assured that the work done here also includes some major uplifts under the hood to make Webex more accessible, usable, and performant. We hope you love the new Webex as much as we do! 

Adoption materials for new UI:

Help documentation:

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