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What's New in Webex webinar: May 2022

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

wnmayevent-03.pngThe What's New webinar series is a monthly event hosted by the Webex Community. These webinars are now 60 minutes in length and feature demos from our Technical Marketing Engineers and Product Managers. We will highlight the top new features of the monthly release.watchtherecordingblue-02.png

EventQAblue-02.pngWebex app/meetings
Put a name to the voice
New virtual backgrounds and animated background support
Identify if a meeting participant is Internal, External, or Unverified

Control Hub
Group APIs
Meeting Delete
My Dashboards

Webex Webinars
Landing page after webinar
Activity reports
Webinar materials 

Webex Devices
Room OS 11 New User Experience
Kiosk Mode

Webex Events
Simulive + Video on Demand
New Calendar View

If you are unable to join us for the live event, the recording, slides, and QA will be added to this post following the event. Please note: Features demoed are currently TBD. This post will be updated with that information. Check out our new Community calendar for upcoming events. Some events are TBD, but we welcome you to register ahead of
time if you wish.

What's New in Webex: April 2022 Recording

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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The original post has been updated with the link of the webinar recording. Stay tuned for the Q&A document to be posted! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Community - I addressed a lot of questions about Captions/Transcription/Translation.  

🤦🏻‍ Soooo I thought I had it figured out - but was missing one key bit.  


Without Real-Time Translation License the Captions (in the overlay bar on video wall) will match the Spoken Language selected by the Host.  English/French/German/Spanish will be shown to HOST as an option.  If a participant turns on the CC icon - the Captioning language will automatically match the Spoken Language selected by the Host. (E/F/G/S).  That Spoken Language becomes the WXA created transcript when the Mtg or Webinar is recorded. 


With Real-Time Translation License  E/F/G/S are provided as choices, but the # of available Spoken Languages bump to 13.  This still must be selected by the Host.  If participant turns on the CC icon, they will see drop menu to change the language from the Spoken into 100+ translated languages.  In this case, the Captioning/Highlights panel follows the Spoken Language selected and becomes the Transcript but the Caption bar will look different as it is translated text.  (Max 5 unique languages in session).


So! The good news is that without the RTT license - there are 4 Spoken and Captioning languages available as of 42.5 (English, French, German and Spanish).   Apologies for the confusion I caused trying to avoid the confusion! 

Apologies for any confusion my attempt at clarifying caused!!! 

Hi @Mary_Gonzales, very helpfull. This was always confusing! Thank you!

Use Webex :)

Thank you!  I really thought I was explaining it correctly, then in talking with the Product Manager, we understood where we had crossed each other in our conversation.   Whew! The good news is with 42.5 Customers will have the benefit of 4 Spoken Languages without the need to purchase the RTT license.  The RTT license will provide added languages 13 total Spoken and 100+ total Translated.  


Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please let us know what you thought of today's webinar below.

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i'll be there. see you soon.

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