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APIC1 Registered nodes stays inactive mode


Hi all,


I have just brought up my Apic1 simulator. I did not change any of the default settings. The only parameter i changed was the IPv4 address for the mgmt to match my network. When i logged in, one leaf was already discovered. I registered the first leave and subsequently, spine 1 and 2 and second leaf was discovered. However, after they have all been registered, they all remained in the inactive mode. Could someone please help me resolve this problem please?


I would be very appreciative.



Inactive nodes.JPG

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Hi Sam,

I have a love/hate relationship with the Sim. The most annoying part is having to start over every time you shut it down.

And yes - I have seen your problem - I'm not sure if it was good luck or good management, but I shut down the Sim, gave it 64GB RAM and 16vCPU and next time it was OK.

Of course, I was fortunate to have those resources available to me too.


RedNectar aka Chris Welsh.
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Pro Tip: don't shutdown your Sim(s).  Just 'suspend' them and you'll save having to re-setup everything when you want to release the VM resources for other things.  


Yes Chris. I gave it 64gb RAM and 16gb vCPU. I have even reinstalled the sim multiple times thinking that the problem maybe with version 5.1-1. See the image attached.



Hello cisco,

please help on this problem. I am running esxi 7.0 and used cisco aci sim of 5.2 as well as 5.1 , both times I am getting leaf and spines going to permanent Inactive state. I also enabled promiscous mode and forged packets option in vswitch of esxi.

CPU = 30

RAM 96 GB and 300 GB SSD.

Tried all possible options, Sim is not working, Initially devices are discovered and go unreachable and go in Inactive state. Please suggest what should I do.

If you have a new/unique issue, please start a new thread.  

This is an issue which has not been resolved. I have listed out the specifications.

If you have the solution, please tell me. I can not move forward without solving this issue.

If it works for  you, please share what VMWARE vspehere ESXi you use along with ACI Sim version.

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