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Difference between even and odd ports on N9K-C93180LC-EX

Hi colleagues, I discovered a strange behavior on the N9K-C93180LC-EX switches in our Test environment. I needed to connect 2 DELL servers to the ACI Leaves. The servers have two Dual NIC cards (Intel(R) Ethernet 25G 2P XXV710 Adapter) installed. We ...

Resolved! APIC software install failed due to TPM State Disabled

Hi dears,  i have an APIC M2 server that i intend to install APIC software in it it's running 3.0(4e) CIMC version and i want to install APIC 3.1.2o (aci-apic-dk9.3.1.2o.iso)the APIC software installation failed after some research i realized that it...

Nexus ACI ports went off despite client connected

Hi all,on our Cisco Nexus Switch (ACI) - N9K-C93108TC-FX ports are not connecting when client is patched. - we tested random ports eth1 to eth36 and no port LEDs are blinking, but Ports 37 to 48 are working fine. - tested to change port config (Speed...


Create SPAN Source

Hi team!I was wondering why this message is displayed when I'm trying to configure a SPAN Source: Error 400 - Span source and destination group combination not supported.I'm trying to replicate the EPG traffic (VLAN) which is passing through a VPC Li...