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help understandng ACI Fabric

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Hi guys,


We have datacenters where we have ACI fabric, nexus 9k,7k 5k

I am new with ACI stuff and want to learn as we have ASA firewalls that connect to it.


We donot use much with ACI fabric, normally layer 2 and in another datacenter layer3 routing.


So, please suggest some ebook or url or videos or anything so that i can be good with ACI and help understand it completely

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There are lots, these sites helped me to learn/refresh the basics. --> Basic to ACI programmability --> Basics & concepts --> Practical approach the way Author explains

There are many more…All the best.


Claudia de Luna

Hi @shallugarg6343,


You have some good resources from @zulfikhar_a.


My recommendation is to begin with content on Cisco Live On Demand.  It is free but you will need to set up an account.

  1. Introduction to ACI - BRKACI-1000
  2. ACI for Network Engineers - BRKACI-1002 <--This is a bit dated but a great presentation.  I think this will give you a good base and then you can watch the next two which are more current.
  3. How to setup an ACI fabric from scratch - BRKACI-2004
  4. Your first 7 days of ACI - BRKACI-1001


After that, here are some of my favorite resources:

Llumos Consulting YouTube


ACI Unnoficial Guide <- this is better for spot questions and "How Tos" once you have a good grounding.


Udemy and Pluralsight have some good courses as well.


Good luck!


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