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How to configure redundancy with Dual cores in DC and Single core in DR for IPN connectivity for MSO

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Hello Experts,


@Sergiu.Daniluk ...Please can you assist with this....thanks


MSO with 3 APIC's  x 2 sites is configured and is working well as the connectivity is between Core to Core, however redundancy is not achieved, I need help to configure an additional link from the 2nd core from DC and the same core in DR where the existing IPN is already connected.


I need to understand and get help for the redundancy link, how to configure the same core in DR for the additional link, i tried configuring but cant get through.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello.  I am not quite sure I understand your set up to 100%, but what I think you are after is simply adding more links to the existing L3Out in tn-infra that is handling your currently connectivity between sites.  Just specify the other spines and links you want all under the same L3Out object.

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