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Multiple disk failure in APIC

Abhishek Nanda
Level 1
Level 1

One of the APIC from a cluster of 5 has its two disks failed. I would like to know the details of the storage. I can see from the CIMC there are two raid volumes. One is on raid-1 and the other is on raid-0. While Im looking at the other APICs the boot variable is set to true on raid-1. Should I copy the configuration of other APICs such as PD 1,2 as VD-1(raid-1)(boot), PD 3 as VD-2(raid-0). Here PD 1 is SSD and 2&3 are HDDs. When I received the replaced disk

I tried to install OS keeping boot option once on different VDs but it was stuck at the boot-up process. Now I got both the disks replaced. Can anyone bring some light how does this work. And how do shards replicate in a 5 controller cluster.

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Hi @Abhishek Nanda 

yes you can check the states of the shards/replicas.

The basic commands are:


acidiag rvread 
acidiag rvread <service>
acidiag rvread <service> <shard>
acidiag rvread <service> <shard> <replica>

Check the table1 for list of services:


Also there is an example of how to check the leader for a shard:


apic1# acidiag rvread 6 3  
(6,3,1)  st:6 lm(t):3(2014-10-16T08:48:20.238+00:00) le: reSt:LEADER voGr:0 cuTerm:0x19 lCoTe:0x18 
    lCoIn:0x1800000000001b2a veFiSt:0x31 veFiEn:0x31 lm(t):3(2014-10-16T08:48:20.120+00:00) 
    lastUpdt 2014-10-16T09:08:30.240+00:00
(6,3,2)  st:6 lm(t):1(2014-10-16T08:47:25.323+00:00) le: reSt:FOLLOWER voGr:0 cuTerm:0x19 lCoTe:0x18 
    lCoIn:0x1800000000001b2a veFiSt:0x49 veFiEn:0x49 lm(t):1(2014-10-16T08:48:20.384+00:00) lp: clSt:2 
    lm(t):1(2014-10-16T08:47:03.286+00:00) dbSt:2 lm(t):1(2014-10-16T08:47:02.143+00:00) stMmt:1 
    lm(t):0(zeroTime) dbCrTs:2014-10-16T08:47:02.143+00:00 lastUpdt 2014-10-16T08:48:20.384+00:00
(6,3,3)  st:6 lm(t):2(2014-10-16T08:47:13.576+00:00) le: reSt:FOLLOWER voGr:0 cuTerm:0x19 lCoTe:0x18 
    lCoIn:0x1800000000001b2a veFiSt:0x43 veFiEn:0x43 lm(t):2(2014-10-16T08:48:20.376+00:00) 
    lastUpdt 2014-10-16T09:08:30.240+00:00


Stay safe,



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