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Severely Degraded Health Scores

Level 4
Level 4

As of yesterday all of my tenants have a really poor health score.  I know what I did that caused it.  However, I don't know how to fix it and was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction.  I have a basic lab setup with 2 spines, 2 leafs, 3 apics and am running version 1.2(2h).

Yesterday I was in Fabric-->Pod 1-->Configure tab.  Clicked on 2 ports (port 46 on both leafs) and selected "Configure VPC".  I gave it the policy group name "P46_vpc", selected a link level, CDP, and LLDP policy as well as an AEP and clicked submit.  The VPC showed up, but those ports are not connected to anything as I was just testing/playing around.  So I went back in, selected those same 2 ports and clicked "Delete VPC".

Now every Tenant is RED with a poor health score.  I'm not sure if that happened when I created the VPC or deleted it though.  I've tried going through that same process, selected the same names and options to recreate the VPC but the score do not get better.

Every tenant now has at least 2 faults (some have several) but they all say something to the effect of:

P46_vpc being the VPC name I created before.  Specifically on the Infra Tenant they look like this:


If I go under Fabric-->Pod 1-->Leaf 201-->Interfaces  Port 46 looks different than say port 44 or 45, but they should all be the same.  They should have no configuration and just be blank/unused:

Does anyone know how I can clean up that VPC, clean up interface Eth1/46, and get my health scores back to normal?

Thanks and let me know if I've missed anything or you need more information.


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Level 1
Level 1

Hi Brent,

Can you please answer the following questions?

  • Have you deleted all of the access policies (interface profile(s) and interface policy group) associated with the vPC?
  • Have you removed any Static Paths created for that vPC under EPGs within your tenants?
  • Do you have anything actually connected to those interfaces?

That will give some additional information that I can use to follow up with you on.



Hi Leigh,

Thanks for the response.  Here are the answers to your questions:

  • Have you deleted all of the access policies (interface profile(s) and interface policy group) associated with the vPC?
    • I have not.  I see the items that were created, but I cannot delete them.  There is no delete option on these items.  Even when I just select one of the items, it shows up on the right side of the window with the configured options but all of those are greyed out as well and are unchangeable.  See attached screen shots.
  • Have you removed any Static Paths created for that vPC under EPGs within your tenants?
    • I don't see any static paths created under any EPG.  This is what I see under all EPGs:
  • Do you have anything actually connected to those interfaces?
    • No, nothing is connected to those interfaces.



Hi Brent,

The reason you can't delete these policies are because you created them in the Simple GUI and you are using the Advanced GUI. You can find more information on that here:

So you will need to either toggle to Basic Mode GUI and delete the policies there or delete them using the REST API.

Another question -- are you doing VMM integration? Also, do you have anything configured under the "infra" Tenant under the default EPG?

I know I have been in the Basic Mode GUI before, but I have never configured anything from there.  If you look at the attached screen shot, this is right where I was when I configured the VPC before.  Notice the "advanced mode" in the upper right corner.

Something I did notice before that is still there, if you look by FEX-102 it says "Use advanced mode to configure this FEX".  I am already in advanced mode though.

Regardless, I went into Basic mode and am still unable to delete those policies/profiles.  They would normally be under Fabric-->Access Policies-->Interface Policies, etc.  In Basic mode When I click "Fabric" there is no Access Policy sub-menu.  The only thing that shows up is Inventory.

This might be a separate topic, but I am unable to login with Postman since the upgrade from version 1.1 to 1.2.  Any ideas why this login is not working?  And if not, do you know how else I might be able to delete those policies?

This is what I get in Postman:

I do have VMM integration, a single VMware AVS (vxlan mode).  I do not have anything configured under that EPG.

In regards to your postman comment,  Please access the APIC ( via Google Chrome, Select Advanced and login into the APIC as admin.  Then, Go back to Postman and try again.

Note: if is your TEP address pool, this will not work.  You need to send postman requests to the IP of your INB or OOB management interface of the APIC.



Thank you. is APIC-1's OOB address.

In regards to your FEX comment on "FEX: 101 (Use advanced mode to configure this FEX.)". The "Configure Fabric Interfaces Wizard" has been added to the Advanced mode in Conjunction with it's origin in the "Basic" Mode.  So both modes share the code and these instructions are displayed in both modes.


In regards to deleting a BASIC Policy via POSTMAN:

  • Go To the ADVANCE GUI mode
    • Find & Select the BASIC UI Policy that you want to DELETE. For example, "__ui_l101_eth1--22"
      • In the Configuration Panel, Click the "Underlined Down Arrow" to save this policy configuration.
      • Select "Only Configuration, Subtree, and xml"
      • Edit the downloaded .xml file for this selected policy. Add status="deleted" to the end of the configuration string and save.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><imdata totalCount="1"><fabricHIfPol autoNeg="on" descr="" dn="uni/infra/hintfpol-__ui_l101_eth1--22" fecMode="inherit" linkDebounce="100" name="__ui_l101_eth1--22" ownerKey="" ownerTag="" speed="1G" status="deleted"/></imdata>

  • Open Postman or other Rest API Tool. Use the URL "https://apic_IP_ADDR/api/node/mo/uni.xml" to POST your edited changes. Copy the contents of your xml changes into the BODY of this Post and Send. Your policy should be deleted.

For example:

Hello Tomas,

Thank you, using your advice I was able to login via Postman and post the changes with the status="deleted" and all of the gui created "__ui_" objects I could find have been deleted now.

However, the health scores are still low and the same faults exist.

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