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Changing VIP address fixes Latency Problem!


Changing VIP fixes Latency Problem!

We have an Aryaka SD-WAN Private VPN tunnels communicating with our global sites. The site reporting the problem has 2 Aryaka ANAP redundant devices each one connected into our Core HP Switch.
Switch Config is a VLAN called ANAP running VRRP along with BGP. The HP Switch has a Virtual IP Gateway of  which communicates to the Aryaka ANAP devices which both have a single Static IP addresses for each Ethernet interface & The ANAP Failover requires a VIP IP address so we use Subnet Mask /28…

So all IP routes use that VIP IP address of as there gateway to all our sites.

All had been working fine for years.

But now we need to change that VIP IP address every month because it becomes very slow with high Latency making our connections over the Aryaka SDWAN unusable. Our Guaranteed BW Rate is 50ms. When Pinging the VIP it returns Pings as high as 600ms and dropped connections.
Ready for this ? When we change the VIP IP address to everything returns to normal again for about 1 month and then we have to change it again!  

Any Ideas why a VIP IP address becomes unusable after 30 days And by simply using the next available IP address in the subnet will temporarily fix the latency problem ??

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,


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