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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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Hello, I was trying to find in Cisco documentation what is the data retention period for WAE live and I couldn't found it, does anyone knows where I can find that information? In the graph I have putted here, the earliest data I can see is from 14th ...

Hello guys, so I've I'd like to start my journey in cisco data center, but **bleep** the cisco courses are real expensive, a little above my paygrade. So perhaps does anyone have leads to access free or more affordable courses. Please and thank you.

Resolved! ACE - Cooke Insert

Hello, I would like to know that with Cookie based session persistence, does the cookie hash value remain the same throughout the lifetime of server farm. Because, I believe the hash value is calculated out of serverfarm + rserver + port which is not...

tech_trac by Level 1
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hello , How  i can enable port 8043  in Serveur cisco prime network 5.2 installer sur redhat linux !!  which command   enbale in Linux !! i wait a reply from expert cisco prime network  and expert linux  and help me . Best regards 

Hi all,This is going to be a basic question, but I've come across a Cisco ACE that I've been asked to migrate the load balancing configuration off onto an alternative ADC.I have the configuration but it contains two entries for the same IP/Port infor...

Stuart6 by Level 1
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Hello All, I am working to stand up a vCUBE AMI(Version 17.06.01a) on AWS. I connect to the instance using the "ec2-user" and a generated certificate as stated in the marketplace overview. However, when I log into the terminal to start configuration,...