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CSS 11501 DNS

Do I need a live internet/DNS environment to test this switch? I have bridged vlan2 to e1. my VIP is set to X.X.X.47 and I have to services set to X.X.X.45 and .46. They both say active. The e1 port is up but my vlan2 is down. I am assuming that the circuit is my problem.

When you define a vlan IP address, the manual says that this is the IP address that the CSS will recieve traffic from, so that would be the virtual IP .47 that links to either .45 or .46 right?

I am suppose to configure 1 web server ip per port on the CSS switch? I currently connect the 2 web servers to a 8 port 10/100 switch and I have a straight ethernet cable from that 10/100 switch to port 1 (e1) on the css Switch.

Are all my port numbers suppose to be configured to 80 since they are being used for HTTP? Am I to use the HTTP keepalive function as well?

I guess any additional info would be great. I guess this isn't a click, click, and go switch like someone said.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS 11501 DNS

the circuit ip address is the address of the device used for management - ie probes, telnet, ...

The virtual ip is configured under a content rule where you link the real servers with the command 'add service'.

Why don't you start by reading sample configs on our website :

Basic CSS Load Balancing Configuration

It could be useful to get you started.

Regarding your other questions concerning probe types, there is no *best* answer.

It is really dependent on your network and what you want to achieve.



Re: CSS 11501 DNS

Ok. Thanks for the tip on the examples. I have tried to follow them as much as possible and have made progress, but I am still having problems with a few things that i can;t seem to find answers for.

CSS 11501 = IP Subnet Gateway

Srv01 = IP Subnet Gateway NONE

Srv02 = IP Subnet Gateway NONE

Dell 2708 = IP subnet Gateway

Client = IP subnet Gateway

I have Srv01 and Srv02 plugged into the CSS 11501 with IP address listed above. They reside in e7 and e8.

I have a cable from e1 to the dell 2708.

I have a laptop with a cable to the dell 2708.

I have configured a vlan (VLAN10) which includes ports e7 and e8 with an IP interface of Status is active (GREEN)

I have configured two services with Srv01 and Srv02 and the status of both are active (Green)

I have created a content rule which includes both srv01 and srv02 with a VIP of Status is active (green)

So I go to one of the web servers that is plugged into e7 or e8 and I can ping sucessfully on both boxes. But I can only ping each servers IP address on its own box. In otherwords I can't ping cross server. When I try to access from the servers the page doesn't come up. I know the VIP works because I can ping it.

I have also configured a VLAN (VLAN5) for e1 which goes to the dell 2708 with an IP of But the status is down.

I am doing something wrong and can't seem to figure it out. any suggestions? I can diagram a picture in visio if you need a visual aid. I might consider Cisco University after all this.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS 11501 DNS

put your e1 interface in the same vlan as e7 and e8 if you want to use the same subnet

Check the status of the physical link with 'show phy'. See if e1 is up.

If not, you may have to adjust the speed manually under the interface e1 config with the command 'phy ....' check available options.

I'm not sure why you have a 10.1.0.x subnet.

If you want this subnet to be the client side, you need your laptop to have a 10.1.0.x ip address as well.



Re: CSS 11501 DNS

WOW now Nothing is active. heres my config.

Generated on 01/24/2008 09:09:21

!Active version: sg0810106


!*************************** GLOBAL ***************************

no restrict web-mgmt

dns primary

host MKQCSS11501-1

ftp-record DEFAULT_FTP anonymous des-password phyfzfqa6f2dheqb /Cisco

!************************* INTERFACE *************************

interface e1

bridge vlan 10

interface e7

bridge vlan 10

interface e8

bridge vlan 10

!************************** SERVICE **************************

service srv01

keepalive type http

port 80

protocol tcp

ip address


service srv02

keepalive type http

port 80

protocol tcp

ip address


!*************************** OWNER ***************************

owner test

content test

add service srv01

add service srv02

vip address

protocol tcp


When I moved to a different subnet everything became active pretty quick, but doesn't mean its right.


Re: CSS 11501 DNS

What is IP interface? What does it represent? If I put e7, e8, and e1 in the same vlan, does the IP interface represent the same IP for all ports?

So I can have everything on the 10.0.0.x subnet?

What if my web servers are on a different subnet? Isn't the the reason for the VIP so I can access them from any subnet?

It seems to me like I can't just get the concept and logic of this solution right. I have always used windows to load balance, never hardware.

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