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Easy arrowpoint explanation - client doesn't send cookie?

Level 1
Level 1

If using arrowpoint cookie balancing to stick a client to a particular service during the session what happens if the client doesn't send the cookie? There's an application that does this when looking at a trace on the client side:

1) start TCP connection

2) send HTTP POST, expect HTTP 100 CONTINUE

3) CSS responds with HTTP 100 and SET COOKIE in the response

4) Client then continues but does not include cookie or even HTTP commands, just continues the post as a continuation of TCP segments.

This is not a browser based application but a specialized app used for transfering data. Of course the "problem" is the CSS is sending this content to different services.

This is for a particular TCP conversation, the client opens other TCP connections with the same behavior. Arrowpoint cookie was choosen because of the need for stickiness to complete the process. The content rule is straight forward - uri "/*", advance balance arropoint-cookie, appropriate services and protocol, etc.

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Diego Vargas
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


If the CSS implants the cookie but the client does not accept cookies and further requests come with no cookie, the CSS will balance the traffic (stickiness will not work) and will try to implant a new cookie on the server response.

In order to use cookies for stickiness it is a must that the client support cookies and insert it on all requests.

Did you try using layer 3 stickiness? that should resolve the problem.

Hope it helps!!