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GSS ICMP keepalive minimum interval while offline

HI Everyone,

hope you can help me with my silly questions but i could not find and informations on this one.


We are using GSS (Version and we worked out some scripts to register and check all KALs (Keepalives)


Therefore we are parsing the "show statistics keepalive answer type vip all" output. I was checking that the Counters for the "negative probes" for TCP are working as expected (with online and offline KALs) meaning that the counter moves within the "minimum interval" which is specified in the config for those TCP KALs, which they did.


But unfortunatley this does not work with ICMP KALs. In the Online status of the KAL the counters are working just fine with every 40s (default value of the minimum inteval) but when the status is offline the counter just speeding up like 3 or 4 times faster, at least its obvious to me that it isnt the same 40s intervals as with a online KAL


I just wondering if the ICMP KALs minimum interval is decreased( to 5 sec or so) if the KAL is offline (maybe to speed up transition back to online status)

Do you guys experiencing the same? did not found any setting where i could alter this setting or at least see whats the interval then.


Thank you in advance


Cheer Andy

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Noone? :-(

Forgot about my old thread here. We got some answers via TAC and I ld like to share it with you.

Resolution from TAC:

Hi Andreas,

I've run multiple tests with engineering and can confirm that this is
how it works:

At each interval, the GSS will send one echo request and if this request
is not answered, three retries with an approximative delay of 10 seconds.
If you increase the interval, it will only change the delay between the
last retry and the next round (GSS will inactive for 10 seconds if you
have an interval of 40 seconds and for 50 seconds if you increase it to 80).

For the specific info you were looking for, dividing the offline counter
by 4 should give you a number you can compare with he online one.

I additionaly asked if this is going to be changed in later software releases and got following Answer:

Hi Andreas,

This is working as designed ( One echo reply and 3 retries, all
accounted ) and not going to change in any newer release.

Hope this helps someone else someday :-)

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