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How to: Confirm WAAS is working as expected

Level 1
Level 1

Running 4.1.1a (not going to 4.1.1c anytime soon) We would like to "confirm" that WAAS or rather the appliances are working as designed. We have several 7326 deployed...and although they have alerts they do not notify on a file transfer is slower than what is expected.

I need a means of testing that WAAS is up and functional...short of the end users calling and saying something is slow. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 4
Level 4

In addition to WAAS CM monitoring, you can export alarms and error conditions to a SYSLOG server.

as well as SNMP traps to snmp host. See URL

Ropethic thanks for the information but I was hoping for something that confirmed the features that WAAS should provide are working....

As an example a 25MB file copy should take X amount of time to copy during the first attempt. The second time the same file copy should occur in Y time. Where Y equals X - some set variable. And if it does not then generate an alert/email...

I understand that in order for something like this to work the file neame would need to be different every other copy

Can this info be pulled from SNMP or ALerts?