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Inline Duplex issues

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Hi all

We are in the middle of a WAAS deployment across our network, we have deployed 7341's at our datacecntres using WCCP and 674, 574 and 274's at our branch sites using Inline.

10 Sites have been completed without issue using all of the above hardware models and connection methods however on our last install we attempted to install a 274 WAVE Inline and a small branch site. The WAVE sit's in between the onsite router which is a Nokia and 3750 Cisco Switch, both the switch port and Inlinegroup have been hard coded to 100/full and I was assured that the Nokia NIC port is also set to 100/full.

The devices have been cabled up in the following way:

Nokia Router to WAVE Inlineport 1/1/wan         - Crossover

WAVE Inlineport 1/1/lan to Cisco 3750 Switch - Straight Through

Nokia Router Port  - 100/Full

WAVE Inlinegroup  - 100/Full

3750 Switch Port    - 100/Full

When the WAVE was cabled in we found that we couldn't get a link, both the lan and wan inline links reported as being down. If I set the Inlinegroup to Auto the link then came up but we recieved the following error in the CMS:

eth_not_fduplex TIRWACMER-01  Major The interface InlinePort 1/1/wan,configured for auto negotiation,is not in full-duplex mode.

Im thinking there may be a compatability problem between the WAE and Nokia NIC cards? if the switch is plugged directly into the Nokia at 100/Full is is fine with now errors.

Any Ideas?


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Bhavin Yadav
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Adam,

Few tests you may want to do if you have redundant pair of inline interface. Try using different inline pair on waas to rule out waas inline interface. if the second inline pair on waas also has same issues, means there is some incompatibility between waas and nokia nic.

if the second pari comes up fine, it may be a faulty NIC / inline pair on waas side.

On the other side, if you have a spare interface n Nokia FW, try chaning the interface on Nokia and verify if that works or not.

For your reference, here is the inline adapter config guide:

Hope this helps.


PS: Please mark this as Answered, if this answers your question.

Hi Adam,

Turn off the waas and see if there is an link's.

If no there is an cable problem or an inline port problem.

If the link is ok.

Try to use 100/full in router and switch and autosene in the waas.

Or try ausend in the router/switch and 100/full in the WAE.

We have a kind of the same problem.

Some site's use Dell switch and Cisco router between.


Thanks both for your quick responses, I now have some things to try.

We have a planned maintenance window at the end of teh month so will try what you have suggested and let you know how it goes.

Many Thanks


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