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Prepositioning Issue


We are running 4.1.5f  on a network of about 40 sites.

I prepositioned a file a remote WAE for local use.

The purpose of this task is to speed the reimaging of the local laptops.

When we starting reimaging, we noticed that instead of using the prepositioned file the laptop speaks wiht the serveur localted at the main office.

I used a tool to checked the traffic and found out that the laptop was talking to the server using UDP.

in my understanding UDP is passed through but since the file is preloaded, the laptop should used this file fro the WAE.

thank you for helping


Bhavin Yadav
Cisco Employee


First thing: WAE will not touch UDP traffic.  I am not sure what port and protocol is used by your imaging software. Try using tcp based connection and the preposition should work. If it continues ot use UDP, preposition may not help.

Further, it also depends whether the connection is going thur WAE (on both ends) or not. CLI command --> show stat connection | in . If it does and it uses tcp, preposition shoud definetly work.

This link should explain you preposition with more details:

Hope this helps.




Hi There,

As Bhavin had already mentioned the WAE will not even "intercept" UDP traffic. If WAE doesn't intercept the traffic then it will not be able to optimize the traffic even if you had pre-positioned the content in a WAE.

That said, I have couple of questions for you.

1. What tool did you use to find out the re-imaging request coming from PCs are on UDP?

2. What application are you using to re-image? In other words, how does the PC initiate the re-imaging process?



Hello Guys,

thank you for your replies

I agree with you for the UDP.

Let me explain to you :

we have at the main office an sccm server and usually we pushed the image for new laptops on the remote site's server. And when someone from this remote location wants a new laptop., the image was taken from the server. Now, we would like to preposition the image (from the sccm server ) to the location's WAE. We did preposition the file. But when time came to image the new laptop, we noticed that the laptop was talking directly to the server at the main location instead of using the file preloaded. I have a tool and noticed UDP traffic between both devices.

My question, is:

did some try the same thing ?

why the local WAE is bypassed ?

thank you again


If this is using UDP, WAE will not "intercept" the traffic. I am not sure if your client is initiating the connection usign UDP / TCP. you may want to take some trace and find out how the client connects to server. If there is no interception, there is no optimization.

The Preposition works only for CIFS TCP traffic.

Please verify that connection between client and server is using TCP and is over CIFS protocol.