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Transparent Caching Solution with low performance


I’ve configured transparent caching using a router 7609 (ios: C6sup22-psv-mz.121-20.E.bin) and a CE-560 (acns: ACNS- I’m using WCCPv2 with L2-redirection/HASH and doing Ip Spoofing. The traffic redirection is configured in the inbound direction of the 7609 interfaces (in these scenario I’m using VLAN interfaces).

Everything seems to be fine between the router and the CE. I can see packets being redirected with the show ip wccp command on the router CLI and I also see that the cache is writing data in the CFS partition.

Unfortunately when it comes to the HTTP savings statistics the result couldn’t be worse. The solution was implemented three days ago and I only have 0,6% bytes savings (1,8% in requests savings).

When I do a show tech-support on the CE I can see plenty statistics regarding no-hit reasons and no-store reasons. Looking at those values I think I can conclude that most of the requests weren’t cached/stored due to one of the no store reasons exhibit.

When I look to the bypass values I can see that the total number of bypassed requests is 4553961!! How can this value be compatible with the 221443 total requests value in the http savings table?!!!!

I’m doing transparent caching for requests from squid proxies that are using HTTP1.0 version. Which I think could be one more reason for the low value of savings in the sense that HTTP1.1 provides a new set of features for optimizing caching.

So I’m in a situation where I think the equipment/features are well configured but the overall result is not the expected.

Has anyone had this kind of experience? Are my thoughts regarding the reasons for the low savings values correct? If I could make the proxies to use HTTPv1.1 would that make such a big difference?

Is there any documentation that explains the no-store and miss items showed in the show tech-support? Is there any documentation that looks to ways of optimizing the performance caching solutions?

The only one I found near to what I’m after was this one … optimizing the cache engine ( ) but it didn’t help much.

I’m sending a file with the relevant WCCP configuration of the router, the CE and the CE Show Tech Support…

Thanks in advance for any help.



Hi all,

Unfortunately the information I wanted to attach to my first message has too many characters … To everyone you wants to take look I can e-mail it.





I am having the same problem with my Content Engine Module in a 2620XM. Its working well and cache hits are climbing although the performance is very poor. Its taking from 16 to 25 seconds for a page to load.

And with certian test from certian pages are not being cached.

Have you had any success in solving your problem??


Curtis R. Gregg


Can you provide the output from the following commands on the CE:

show statistics http requests

show statistics http savings

show statistics http performance

show statistics http miss

show statistics http err

show statistics http ims



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