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Waas connection Stats in Central Manager Software vers Release 6.4.5a


Reaching out to see if anybody out there might have a memory or two regarding Waas reporting.  I am trying to determine if my DICOM sessions are being optimized and find that I cannot believe the data I am seeing in CM.  
summary:  Have a OE7541 waas inline at the source site.  & a OE8541 waas inline at the destination site.  My problem is that I cannot see any traffic being optimized at my destination 8541 when I look in CM.  BUT when I check stats on my 7541 from the source site I can see the session starts but the policy applied shows " PT no peer".   My assumption is that the destination 8541 is not doing anything because of the lack of stats plus (in my head) validated by the fact that the source says "no Peer".  Unfortunately I cannot trust this data because when i removed the source site's 7451 the modalities all reported slow image transfers.  

questions I have...  Can the source site's 8541 be optimizing the DICOM traffic as  it sends it across the WAN without a peer?  In other words do I not read into the PT as truly passing the traffic through?
Is there a way to capture logged data on sessions over time?  
Even watching the 8541 in real time I don't see anything coming from the connection stats pages.  Is there somewhere else I can go to view these if CM is not picking them up?  

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It is possible that destination 8541 is optimizing the DICOM traffic as it sends it across the WAN without a peer. The source site's 8541 might be applying the "PT no peer" policy, which means that the traffic is not being passed through the peer-to-peer (PT) connection. However, this does not necessarily mean that the traffic is not being optimized. WAAS devices can still perform optimizations such as TCP flow optimization (TFO), data redundancy elimination (DRE), and persistent Lempel-Ziv (LZ) compression.

To capture logged data on sessions over time, you can use the WAAS Central Manager to access WAAS reports. These reports provide traffic optimization statistics for predefined time periods, such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also view custom reports based on specific criteria.

If you are not seeing the traffic in the connection stats pages of the 8541, you can try checking the transaction logs on each device. Transaction logs can be configured to store on each device and can be useful for troubleshooting, debugging, or analytics purposes. Additionally, you can use the WAAS Dashboard in the Reports tab to view detailed statistics of every device associated with a specific central manager.


Thanks @alptechexpert ,  I am finding that CM reports do not breakdown the session enough to let me filter on just my DICOM source IPs.  I can see DICOM but I found that I really just need to have a report that says DICOM from source site and these are the IPs that are using it.  Kind of like the real time connection stats page but over time or historically.    I can sit all day and hit reload and keep track but that is very manually intensive.  I'm going to look into logging rh transaction logs as this might be something I can send off to my trap servers.  

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