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WAAS environment expansion

I have a WAAS environment that we are in the process of expanding. The current environmnet consists of a 274 and two (2) 574s. Everything is running 4.4.1 and has been stable. I have just been assigned to the support of this environment so as far as I know everything is still configured for the out of the box configuration. I have no alarms looking through the GUI and I am starting to go through the document here on CCO about the basic stuff to look at.

I am about to add five (5) instances of WAAS express. I went through the Configuration Guide and it looks like there are basically four steps that I need to go through to get the WAAS Express instance integrated. 1) Configure a global username on the router for the CM to use 2) Import the Central Manager Certificate 3) Enable HTTP Secure Server on the WAAS Express device 4) Register the WAAS Express device with the CM. The WASS Express device in all cases is a new 2911 WAAS Express bundled router running c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M1.

I am just wondering if there are any caviots that I need to be concerned with? For example I remember when the system was setup we had to set the NTP on the 574s to point to the CM to get everything to be 100% stable. Do I need to do things like that here? Should most if not all the items in the basic stuff still be aplicable to the WAAS EXpress instance? Are there any other recommend things that I need to look at or do?

Thanks in advance ....


Cisco Employee

Hi Brent,

Couple of things that I can rememeber of:

1. Egress and Ingress ordering / CLI commands on interface.

2. WAAS Express policies are bidirectional. Unidirectional policies are not supported.

3. WAAS Express requires maximum memory to be installed on the platform.

4. IO memory needs to be configured: Router(config)#memory-size iomem .WAAS Express would fail to initialize if required amount of memory isn’t installed on the platform

Hope this helps.



We ordered the 2911 WAAS bundle so mempry is supposed to already be maxed out. Where can I fine information on the IO mempry config. I have not come across anything like that yet in the configuration guide.

At the moment I am simply going with the default policies. Figure that way can keep things relatively clean and simple. I may hae run into an issue with there being too many users at one location as  it seems I have already hit the 250 connection limit.

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