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Beau Clark

WAAS error - Max Limit Crossed for Split Header - header_max_limit

So I am running a mix of 6.4.1a and 6.2.3e and on most of my devices, I am getting this alarm:


header_max_limit             HTTP_AO                     http instance
May 30 06:25:35.590 EST, ???? Alarm, #000008, 22000:22001
max limit crossed for split header


Has anyone else seen this, is there a way I can increase this variable header limit in the HTTP_AO?


Thank you for taking the time.


We have this problem with 6.2.3e on all boxes.



This alert was indeed implemented in 6.2.3e and 6.4.X


Below is the reason for this alarm:

There is a predefined limit specified in the split headers, when it exceeds the supported value the flow gets reset and alarm will raise.

Default value is 4.

Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention. Looks like it was just released on June 12th. There are two problems with this information:


1. The resolution is to "Workaround: disable HTTP / SSLAO" - No way, Exchange email is using HTTPS, disabling it would stop accelerating mail all together. This accounts for a full 15% of my bandwidth. Disabling it would be painful.


2. Known Fixed Releases: 6.4(0.155), 6.2(3e)6 - I am already on 6.4.1a and 6.2.3e.43 - So based on this information, I should not be experiencing this bug.


May I ask, you say the "Default value is 4", do you know how to change/manipulate this default value?


We do not know what the default value represents, I got this information from TAC :)

Will update as soon as we have more information

Update: This alert is a false positive and is fixed in the currently available 6.2.3e version (Cisco has taken down the initial 6.2.3e due to


It will also be fixed in 6.4.1b which should be released in about 2 weeks.

I am running the 6.4.3b and the message is still showing up but automatically disappears after a while

A connection is not established between WAAS Version 6.2.3e (Build 43) and other WAAS released versions and hence WAAS optimization does not work.

The WAAS network involves mixed versions with one of the version being 6.2.3e (Build 43). A node running this version will not establish a connection and hence inter-operate with any other WAAS node running an earlier release.

This problem only affects nodes running version 6.2.3e (Build 43). Upgrading these nodes to version 6.2.3e (Build 45) will resolve this problem and allow inter-operability with nodes running other WAAS versions.
Note that as a best practice, it is recommended that the entire network be eventually upgraded to the same version.
Note that nodes running version 6.2.3e (Build 43) do inter-operate with other nodes also running version 6.2.3e (Build 43). Thus, having the entire network running version 6.2.3e (Build 43) also helps avoid this problem although it is recommended that one eventually upgrades to version 6.2.3e (Build 45) or later to ensure that there are no inter-operability problems encountered in the future.