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How to configure VLAN in SSH?

Hello everyone How to configure Management VALN in switch 2960, I want to configure remote access. currently working vlan1 but  i want to configure VLAN100 with ip address and shutdown VLAN 1.  --------------------------------------------------------...

ARUN3 by Beginner
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ASR1006 won't recognize SFP

My ASR1006 will not recognize 10 SFP.  I have tried pulling a working SFP from another ASR and still no go.  Details below;                              H/W   Field Programmable   Current   Min. RequiredSlot Card Type               Ver.  Device: "ID-...

configure Catalyst 9300 redundancy

I am configuring two 48pt 9300 switches in a 1+1 mode.  I have switch 1 with a priority 15 and role of active and I configured switch 2 with a priority of 14 role standby.  When I reload the stack I see this: Switch#sh switch stack-mode Switch# Role ...

DAVID by Beginner
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aci sim not accessible

Hi   I have installed ACI sim 3.1.2m installed on vCenter with all the required resources. ACI config set all the default except mgmt ip. But i could not  able to access the aci sim. Ping gives error "operation not permitted ". Does any one experienc...

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 23.07.37.png
kthned by Participant
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Product ID data.

Is there a source available to find product based on their ID.  The Serial # tool is great for switch and routers but I have an inventory to sort where I have a lot of power supply and fans that I need to identify if they are standard or reverse flow...

where is my bandwidth going

Bandwidth allocation - what i'm trying to do is increase my guest wifi bandwidth, currently we have 500 MB with Verizon and 200 MB with TWC, the guest wifi flows thru TWC but i'm only getting 40MB speed. i have a WLAN controller 2504 with 1852i Ap's....

QoS Dropping Packets

I wonder if you could help with a QoS issue that we have, we are dropping packets at an alarming rate with very little traffic on the wire, I can only assume the QoS is not set-up quite right.   These are the interface and QoS stats for a time period...

martynch1 by Beginner
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Resolved! PT No Peer - WAAS

Hi everyone,   I am seeing some connections (one or two) in my WAE that appear as passthrough without a clear reason:   WAECore# show tfo connection summary ... Local IP:Port        Remote IP:Port      Peer ID      ConnTypea.b.c.d:51332      e.f.g.h:...

nicojk1985 by Beginner
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