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WAAS Error

  WCCP router unusable for service id: 61 reason: Assignment method mismatch with router  

WCCP router unusable for service id: 62 reason: Assignment method mismatch with router is the loopback of the router which is in the wccp router-list. This popped up after our upgrade to 4.4.3

I re-checked the config and all is the same as other WAE's in our environment.

Please help.       

Cisco Employee

Hi Douglas,

What's the router/switch platform you are running ?

Could you also send the wccp configuration from the WAAS device?

My best guess is that you switch/router platform doesn't work with the assignment method configured in the WAAS side, by default it's HASH unless you change it.



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The router is an ASR 1002. I can't send the WAAS config but it is very basic. Have you heard of this on other ASR's? These are the only ones we are having problems with and this the only place where we are using ASR's. I'll check the assignment method.

Hi Douglas,

ASR platform will only support MASK assignment.  You can use the documentation below for your reference:

The redirection/return and assignment method are done in the WAE side.  So make sure to explicity include the Mask value there as showed in the example below:

wccp router-list 1

wccp tcp-promiscuous mask src-ip-mask 0xc00 dst-ip-mask 0x0

wccp tcp-promiscuous router-list-num 1  mask-assign

wccp version 2



Here is what I have. 

wccp router-list 8

wccp tcp-promiscuous service-pair 61 62 failure-detection 30

wccp tcp-promiscuous service-pair 61 62 router-list-num 8

wccp version 2


egress-method negotiated-return intercept-method wccp

I have the "ip redirect 61 in and 62 in" in my router reversed. I have been told numerous ways to set these up. Not sure whats the real deal

Hi Douglas,

That is fine,

Please perform the steps below:

1) log in WAE and issue the "WAE(config)# no wccp version 2"

2) add the "mask-assign" support

wccp tcp-promiscuous service-pair 61 62 router-list-num 8 mask-assign

3) Re-enable WCCP  "WAE(config)# wccp version 2"

4) Check if WCCP has the properly values of redirection/return/assignment issuing the "show wccp services details"

That should bring wccp services online.


Ok Thanks. I will implement that on our next change window.

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