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WAE-674 as a Content Engine

Dear All Experties,

We are using a Cisco Content engine 7325 as a proxy server.recently we brough WAE-674 as a replacement of these old content engine.After turn on WAE-674,Blue screen pop up on moniter.I am not able to access anything with GUI as well through command line.That why i am not able to configure that one.

Please advise me if anybody else also faced this problem or if anybody have any idea what i can do ???

Thanks in advance

Nicolas Fournier
Cisco Employee


How are you connected to the WAE?

If you are directly connected  to the WAE through a screen/keyboard, what you see might be  expected: the WAAS/ACNS software stop redirecting it's console output on the  screen after booting it's kernel and move it to the serial port.

This is explained in the hardware specs of your device:

You  can connect a keyboard to any USB port and  connect a monitor to  the  video connector to troubleshoot the BIOS boot  process. However,  video  output is for troubleshooting only during the  BIOS boot process.  The  video output stops displaying when the serial  port becomes  active. To  monitor the boot process in normal operation,  use the  serial console  port.

Could you have a look at the boot sequence from the serial port and see if everything looks fine from there?



Dear Nicolas,

First thanks for your reply.

i cross checked all of my cables and all are fine and a right place.

Actually it's reboot from Kernal Controller succesfully and then i can see below errors with Continoes and Exit option.

5962 configuration change has occurred

162 configuration  Change has occured

And if i click Continoues options it will take in Bios option.

Please Advice me accordingly.


I did some researches on those error messages and they seem to be linked to an hardware issue on the device.

If I where you, I would have a TAC case opened to have it confirmed and have a replacement sent if this is the case.



wireless wlc

Hi Anuj,

  One of my customers want to use WAE-674 as a proxy to speedup and cache youtube videos for a college environment. Do you find the WAE a useful appliance in this scenario ? Is the performance improvement good ?



Dear Joe,

Cisco annouces the end of sale and end of lifedates for the Cisco WAE 674 Platforms. The last day to order the  affected product(s) is August 17, 2012.

As per my personal opinion,i don't prefer you to go for it.If you have some extra money for Smart support only then it's fruitfull.

I ordered two WAE devices and you being surprised that both devices are Disk0 failure....:(

Just for your information cisco add content engine features in new cisco ASA so try that one.

Thanks Anuj for the recommendation. But i dont see content engine feature in ASA. there is only content security i believe ?



Dear Joe,

Sorry i did more concentrate on filtering.

ok,you can use wae as a content engine.Actually my concern was to explain one thing that only upto testing period is tuff but after putting in a production enviorment you should be relax.

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