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Recognize an unmanaged switch (manually)



just noticed that unmanaged switches are not recognized, which I guess is not a surprise by itself ;-)

But what about the following:

I use an ESW540-8P, so that switch has obviously 8 ports.

Thunderbolt shows I have 14 devices connected to an 8 port switch, so for sure there needs to be something in between (a SG100-8T).

Would be nice if this would be noticed and provide a chance to add this manually.




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Brian Bergin

Unmanged switches have no IP address so I'm not sure how you'd do this unless there's another way to detect it.

I understood the part with the IP address ;-)

Therefore the manually in the subject and the note about auto-recognition on IP level is not an option.

The logic is relative simple:
You have a 8 port switch, but discover 14 devices behind it = only conclusion is that there is a switch that can't be discovered by the device.

So for sure this can't be the "true" network, so there should be a chance to add a device manually.




Thanks Jens, great feedback.


At some pointI was able to add our unmanaged Dell switch to the topography but for the life of me I can't remember that far back on how I did it.  Has this functionality been removed?

Click on the parent of the item to be added. Once you have the parent selected you will find the + icon on the toolbar and press that. You will then be shown a dialog that allows you to enter information about the device.

Given that this is an unmanaged switch you will not want to place anything in the IP or MAC address fields. Just give it a name, select an icon and press Okay. The device will appear, connected to the parent that you designated.

To link items manually to the switch you can go into the link/unlink mode (second button from the left on the toolbar). This allows you to draw new connections between devices and delete incorrect connections. You must draw the new connections before deleting the old since we don't allow disconnected devices.

Please note that if you start linking / unlinking devices manually within your topology you assume control of the network layout and future changes in your discovered topology (excluding new devices) will not be reflected in your layout. This is because we cannot (currently) distinguish between what we can detect and what your intention may be in making changes (we hope to improve on this in the future). If you do use this function and change your mind later, you can select the Reset Topology option from the options popup dialog. This will remove all manually added linkages and revert to a fully automatic topology layout.

// Chris.

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