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Adjust Authentication to Carrier Network Inbound / Outbound

On the Cisco SPA3102 - I am wondering if there is a custom parameters area where I can tell the device how to send SIP invite requests to the carrier and what to expect / match when the carrier sends a SIP invite to the SPA3102.

Please see attached photo:

When connecting to the SPA directly to the SIP provider (not a PBX) - everything is done via MD5 authentication.  Under the subscriber information field - the username is a preset MD5 ID and a password.  There is no required Auth ID.  The SPA3102 does register with the carrier.  If I pick up the phone or attempt to send an outgoing fax via this method, it works perfectly.  The SPA3102 sends the username in the request to the carrier and outbound access granted and the call is completed successfully.

The problem is inbound.  The network does not send a request in the format MD5@SPA-IPAddress (Which is in the username field).  They do it by DID@SPA-IPAddress (which is in the display name field).  The problem is receiving the SIP invite for an inbound call - it fails since the SPA checks it against the User ID field - as its programmed to work and nothing else.

I know on an AudioCodes ATA you can manage how / what the Gateway looks for upon sending / receiving SIP invites. 

Is it possible for the 3102 to follow a different rule?  In cases were we deploy this equipment many of the clients do not have PBX systems to manage this - so they relay on the gateway to connect to the network and transport voice / fax calls.  It would be great if there were a way to manage this work in a registration based environment vs - non registertration based.  And yes I have tried answer fall without registration option.  Maybe with a drop down boxes or in some other way we could specify which field to match during the sip invite.  Please let me know if you know of a solution to this problem.