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Chrome Extension needs update, Jabber SDK Sample Code confirmed broken

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I've posted earlier regarding this but got the answer that it was not an issue on the Cisco side.

I can now 100% confirm that it is.

The sample code provided at!downloads-and-documents/sample-code contains this on multiple occasions in the code: cwicExtId: 'ppbllmlcmhfnfflbkbinnhacecaankdh'

But when you look at the actual extension in Chrome, the id is : mbhnoblcplfcookpoennihpndjobapeo

Please, contact the Cisco developers to tell them to fix this. It should be a quick fix on their side to make sure the addon is up to date.

Our customer is getting really impatient in why it is not working anymore.

Thanks in advance

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

As best I can tell it looks like the sample code link is to an older version of the sample code from the SDK.  Testing on my machine just now, this older sample code does still work with the newer add-ons/extension freshly installed from the Downloads page (which should be backward compatible).

I've updated the Jabber download page to just mention accessing the sample code from the Jabber SDK .zip (rather than providing a separate download of duplicate code), to avoid getting these out of sync in future.

Unfortunately I'm not sure that the Jabber SDK add-on version would be the root cause of the problem... 

Thanks for the quick reply.

But are you testing on Cisco machines only, I assume?

I mean as a dev the "works on my machine" scenario (hehe) is a classic, forgetting you have made some extra change towards your on PC in some way. If you guys have some settings locally that alllows it to access the Chrome extension, while it does not for us, nor our customer?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Make sure you're using the sample from the SDK.  The code in ../src/cwic-debug.js looks like this (and similar code is in other places):'Initializing Chrome extension.');
var extension;
var extensionScript = document.createElement('script');
// var extensionID = "ppbllmlcmhfnfflbkbinnhacecaankdh";
var extensionID = "mbhnoblcplfcookpoennihpndjobapeo";

As you can see, the old extension is commented out, and the new extension takes it place.


Correction: The location of the file is ../src/cwic/out/cwic-debug.js