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[Inquiry] Regarding API of "Jabber for Windows"

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Please let me confirm following questions and give me your answers regarding "Jabber for windows".

Background of my questions and aim;


- To pop up alerts from servers and business systems as chat messages via Jabber for windows.


Currently, we use "Windows Messaging Service". But we have also introduced "Jabber for windows" on a company-wide.


Hence I think that it is much more effective to pop up alerts using " Jabber for windows".



My questions;


- Is there an API of "Jabber for windows" for receiving alerts from external such business systems and servers ?


- If there is it, what format can I receive it ?


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Level 4

Moving this to the correct Community.

The Jabber clients (Win/Mac/Mobile) do not have any direct APIs like this, however what you are describing sounds like a 'bot' type service use-case, which should be quite doable by using the CUCM IM & Presence XMPP protocol (which Jabber uses for message transport.)

At a high level, such a solution might look like:

- Develop a custom service (any platform, really) which learns of the needed notifications (what systems it monitors/listens to, and how it receives the events/details is up to you)

- The service would implement the XMPP messaging protocol to maintain a connection to CUCM IM&P.  The service would use a CUCM IM&P user or application-user account to send messages 'from' the service's CUCM IM&IP XMPP account, to Jabber users.

- I.e., once the custom service receives the message details and the target target user (Jabber ID), it would execute XMPP requests to CUCM IM&P which would create an ad hoc/temporary 'subscription' to the target user, then use XMPP messaging to send the text of the message.

More details around CUCM IM&P and XMPP can be found here:

Note, for a service type application as described above, you would need to program to XMPP at the protocol level.  While it is quite possible to build an XMPP-based app using socket primitives, it is usually highly preferable to use a pre-built XMPP library; however, Cisco does not provide any XMPP native libraries directly (with the exception of the CAXL JS library for use in web browser apps) or recommend any particular 3rd party library.  This is usually a good place to start discovering 3rd party XMPP libraries appropriate to your code-base/platform: