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Jabber, GEODNS and/or Traffic Manager


Hello All,

We're deploying Jabber across 2 clusters, first is in North America the other in Europe.

In a single cluster deployment, the _collabedge SRV record is pointed to the A record for the VCS-E server. This configuration works as designed, no problems.

According to the Gateways chapter in the Cisco Collaboration doc(link below) GEODNS provides a mechanism via SRV or CNAME records to handle the traffic for clusters in 2 different regions. Unfortunately our current DNS provider does not support GEODNS so we tried to use M$ Azure's Traffic Manager to handle the _collabedge SRV record. Using Traffic Manager the SRV record hosted by our DNS provider points to record in Azure), which resolves to or depending on where the Jabber client query is coming from. Outside of the Jabber client, the name resolution works as designed, ie depending on where the query comes from the DNS lookup returns the correct VCSE server from the Azure A record. The Jabber client returns "could not discover network service" and fails.

We've opened a TAC case and were told "Jabber is not intelligent enough to handle a traffic manager as the pointer for your SRV records" .. "As it is still in the process of being developed, it has not yet been standardized, and as such is not directly supported by TAC" .. "Currently the method of support for this is through the Developer’s forums, where the user community can post threads and interact with the Dev Team". Which is the reason I'm posting here.

Does anyone here have a similar situation where using a Traffic Manager worked for the Jabber client? How did you get it working if so?

Before we move our domain to a provider that supports GEODNS directly using SRV or CNAME records .. does anyone here have a deployment of Jabber across 2 clusters using a DNS provider that supports GEODNS working as described in the doc below? Can you recommend a good provider that supports GEODNS?

Cisco Collaboration doc, Gateways chapter:


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Hi Chet,

I came across this post from something else I was searching on and noticed this had gone unanswered. I think I can help. So we have some users on our platform that came to us posing the same question, "Can you help us with GEODNS for our VCS Clusters using SRV, A or CNAME records". The strait answer is a resounding Yes!

On our platform have successfully deployed GEODNS for their given architecture along with SIP monitoring and failover if needed. Of course this can also be deployed without monitoring and failover by just using the SRV records to deliver the proper server in the given geographic region and fail over to another in the case the primary is unavailable.

If you would like to know more about this please respond back and we can discuss this. BTW - I am an engineer not in sales...


I have a customer who has the same scenario that you have described. For GeoDNS providers, check into AWS Route 53.

Hello Jeff,


Yes, if you are still available would love to know more about this. Thank you




I am having this same exact issue using Azure Traffic Manager for two different region clusters - US and EU.  Currently my EU users are directed back to the US cluster and I am getting the same error message. Has this been resolved and if so how? Thank you

Hi James,


We have a solution for this but it requires using our DNS platform. We have many different geographical locations and we can detect where the users are coming from and send them to the appropriate endpoint. 

Check these out and see if it might fit your needs.




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