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changing voicemail password failing on UC12.5

Rising star
Rising star

I'm using CUPI to try and updates a mailbox password.


So I PUT to https://srvcucn12s.nxodev.intra:443/vmrest/users/d65583a1-3da2-4fcd-b655-4beb896791df/credential/password

with this content

<Credential><Credentials>my password here</Credentials></Credential>

The response is 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><ErrorDetails><errors><code>IMS_ERROR</code><message>Database communication error</message><DetailCode>-1</DetailCode></errors></ErrorDetails>

Setting the same password through the web interface works just fine. I know the id of the mailbox is correct because my software follows up this request with a bunch of others that pass (setting relay address, configure notifications devices, etc.)


CUC version is

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