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Please note that Remote Expert Mobile announced end-of-life and support will end on February 28, 2022.

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Mute Beep

We had a meeting with about 100 people and throughout the meeting people were muting and unmuting in order to ask questions. It was very distracting to hear the mute beep. That sound interrupetes the question and answer. I dont see any benifit to eve...

Customer Voice Portal - Cisco Unified Call Studio - Custom Startup class not calling web service in call flow

We have a CVP application that runs a custom Java Startup class which calls a web service. When we are debugging the CVP application inside the Unified Call Studio. I can see the class running but it will not call our web service. The code does not g...

8821 API Support

Our goal is to push text to an 8821 handset. I do not see it as a supported Phone Model in the Cisco unified IP Phone Services Application Development Notes document. I believe the API I want to use is called Cisco IP Phone Text. Does the 8821 suppor...

alerttech by Beginner
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API command issue - SX80 not able to accept calls from Crestron touch panel

Hi - i'm having an API commands issue between our Cisco SX80 and Crestron DMPS. When we are receiving incoming calls and go to answer on the Crestron TP, we can't answer it and it basically freezes. When we call the second time, we can accept it with...

Sx20 configuration

Hi Team,We have moved one of sx20 VC device from one location to another. Now we need to configure the VC device. For touch panel and codec VC VLAn is configured.but not sure how to assign IP to codec and touch panel Since no remote is available to e...

pramith by Beginner
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CGI Screenshot of an 8800 KEM?

A question for 8800 series phones. Does anyone know of the URL or way to get at the KEM (Key Expansion Modules) screen shot? I can get the base phone but need to get at the side cars (a/k/a KEM or Key Expansion Modules) too.  Good base info that is w...

wingetj by Enthusiast
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Jabber SDK multiline

Hi,I'm developping a web based softphone using Jabber SDK 11.8.3 and a CUCM (version 12.5 to support multi lines).How can I select active line through SDK? I found selectLine method in Deskphone class but nothing in Softphone class.If it is not possi...