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Useability Jabber (4W) 9.7+ Group Chat Date and Autojoin


Hello everyone,

first of all some positiv feedback, I'm glad that Jabber is evolving and I'm very happy that there are finally option for the Pizza-Guy feature!

I'm also glad that the group chat returned, but here is something I want to address in terms of the usability.

The group chat is a great feature to expand colloberation in teams or quick tasks with more than two people, but thats also the problem if the group chat persist for a longer period of time problems I see:

1. There is no auto join feature for group chats whenever Jabber has started, you have to manually join if you don't forget it anyway (otherwise collegue can/will remind you to join). I haven't read anything about it to become implemented, as of now it seems Cisco tries to bury the group chat deep into another tab that nobody finds it and has to use it as of if noone uses it, no development or bugfixes has to be applied (I know there are bugs I feel them but this doesn't mean to hide the feature at all!) //yes I'm aware the feature just kicked into that release...

2. And this leads me to another issue I'm facing if you are one of the rare users (?) of the group chat feature, the date in the group chat. In single converstation I don't see a problem if the date is only shown once a day if conversation is started, I can keep track of my 1:1 converstation, but in group chats where many people write messages on different time schedules you can't tell is this news or is this old news because the date is already gone or hasn't been renewed because no new message was posted on the day of join or re-join, workarounds known to me are either you write something to see if you are the first one that day or in case you're not and else you start scrolling...

It would be much simpler if the date comes after the name for example. I'm aware that this issue is only suffered by heavy group chat users, I face it every day scrolling to confirm if I read actual news or cold coffee, but the solution seems so simple if there is not yet a hard designe discussion going on?

Hope I described the problems well, maybe one or two users will find out to their surprise that group chat is back hidden in a new tab.

Maybe some of the developers will have an open mind to channel this information into features of new versions, I totally would appreciate this.



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