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Ralph Olsen

APIC-EM - AP FlexConnectGroup 8.3 JSON Syntax


I'm currently trying to use the APIC-EM PNP feature to configure Access-points running 8.3 with the WLC-IP, Ap-MODE, AP-Group and FlexConnect-Group.

I can't find the JSON syntax for WLC 8.3 software (AP image 15.3(3)JD).

The 8.2 syntax shows as follows:

{"apGroup":"BldgA-local","primaryWlcIP":"","primaryWlcName":"5508-1","secondaryWlcIP":"","secondaryWlcName":"5508-2","tertiaryWlcIP":"","tertiaryWlcName":"8500-1","apMode":" flexconnect"}

But I'm missing the FlexConnect Group setting added in 8.3.




AIR-CAP1702I-B-K9 Version 15.3(3)JC102  I presume this is not 8.3.  So this is likely my issue.

This is what the AP's shipped with.  If 8.3 is the requirement then looks like I'm stuck setting the flexconnect groups manually after they join. 

I also noticed that after the AP has been upgrade to 8.3 and the mode button is pressed to reset the config it ignores the PNP information because its not booted into a recovery image.  If you have an AP that has been previously upgrade to 8.3 without connecting to the console and manually booting to the AP using ap: boot flash:/ap3g2-rcvk9w8-mx/ap3g2-rcvk9w8-mx

how can you get the AP to accept the pnp config?  or is this the only way?

Hi Justin,

There is a 8.3 recovery image on CCO.


That is an 8.3 recovery image.


Is there a way to automate the updating of the recovery image?  Needing the manually copy recovery image via console doesn't seem viable.

Since FlexConnect Group is the only thing I'm missing from the 8.2 image it almost makes more sense to let PnP do what it can and then add the device to the FlexConnect group after its been added to the controller, but this is obviously not ideal.

i just did this with a staging controller for 2802 APs, because they don't do PNP on their 8.2 code.

DHCP option for staging controller, DNS for PNP.

first boot they join the staging controller, upgrade to 8.3, then I have a script run to clear config on the AP.

Then they boot, PNP and get their real config.

the flex group is harder, as the config clearing script would have to check that they were not in a flex group.  Totally doable.

FYI, this is not necessary.  They will use the PNP option every boot, so after they upgrade they will autonatically check PNP post image upgrade.

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