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Hi Team,Following on my previous thread - I want to upgrade the connection between my Nexus to Nimble from 4 GB to 16GB .We used...

robad by Level 1
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After factory defaulting Cisco9200L the switch stop at Message :bootable URL's in BOOT variable not found or exhaustedI believe the switch is now in ROMMON mode and needs to have boot file reinstalled ?Never done this before and wouldreally appreciat...

I am setting up a new vxlan bgp evpn network with two spine and 10 leafs using a mix of Nexus 9300 switches. I have a few questions:1. I am planning to do layer 2 vxlan bgp evpn fabric. My L3 is firewall that is connected to upstream switch (outside ...

S891 by Level 2
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Hello Guys. We have raised an RMA for N5548P-FAN as we are receiving alarms on fan tray 2. However, we do not know which one is fan tray 2 so we cannot proceed with the replacement. Issue is intermittent, and we cannot monitor the LED status. Looking...

kmblanco8 by Level 1
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Per Cisco -Cisco Nexus 5500 Series device can manage and support up to 24 FEXs without Layer 3. With Layer 3, the number of FEXs supported per Cisco Nexus 5500 Series device is 8. With Enhanced vPC and a dual-homed FEX topology each FEX is managed by...

Beazle by Level 1
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