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Resolved! SSH config options on Nexus 93180YC-FX

Hi.Is there a difference in using either of these commands to configure ssh with a 2048 bit key.  I'm configuring on a Nexus 93180YC-FX and some Nexus 9348. switches  If so can you explain differences in using either.  Various config guides details d...

NGJ by Beginner
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Nexus 9k configuration

Trying to migrate nexus 5k to nexus 9k , while migrating i have some queries on configuration part. Existing command which is working in N5k- spanning-tree vlan 1-3967,4048-4093 priority 0 while coming to N9k not able to execute vlan 4048-4093 comman...

Mani G by Beginner
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Backup vPC

DearsI am planning to make backup vPC path for current vPC path , in aonther mean we have vpc 1 between Nexus 1 and Nexus 2 , I planned to make vpc 2 to be redendet for vpc 1 so is that double ? take in mind the switches are 9318. Bests

Resolved! Cisco Nexus 5672 upgrade is timing out from 7.1.0 to 7.1.5

Hi there,I have a pair of Cisco Nexus 5672 switches and I wanted to upgrade them yesterday from 7.1.0.N1.1b to 7.1.5.N1.1b.One switch was working without any issues, but on the other, it wasn't working.This switch took already extremely long to boot ...