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Hi,Were going to be purchasing a couple N9K-C93360YC-FX2's to replace a couple 56128's.  On the new 9K's we'll only need layer2 functions and the ability to create multiple SVI's and a few static routes.  Do we need an additional license added to the...

Good Morning, I wanted to ask you for information regarding the compatibility of the Nexus N7K-F312FQ-25 card with the 25Giga SFP-H25GB-SR transceiver. Is there a document/datasheet that certifies this compatibility?   Thanks!!!

I am dealing with very strange issue but wanted to check with experts if i am doing anything stupid or not. I have small size EVPN+VxLAN clos network (OSFP+iBGP+Multicast+Arp-suppression (no anycastgateway) is in my setup) very standard configuration...

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