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API for Consult Database for Call Control in CUCM

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I need integrate a API for consult database for call control, in Mexico with the new dial plan for calls to mobile and national calls, it´s the same pattern. The route-pattern example is 9.[2-9]XXXXXXXXX and the patter dial for this two destiny it´s equal.



Mobile: 5567431287

National call: 5599158320


The only way to differentiate the call is with ranges at the database level provided by the IFETEL (Federal Telecommunications Regulations in Mexico).


Actually the route-pattern for call mobile and national it´s the follow with this pattern it´s easy differentiate the calls.

Mobile: 9.044XXXXXXXXXX

National: 01XXXXXXXXXX


I hope can you help me




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Let me see if I understand the problem:


* You need to differentiate between mobile calls and land line calls, presumably so you can route them via different service providers/trunks, block them, bill them differently, etc.  Previously you used Route Patterns for this.

* Prior to Aug 3, outbound calls to mobiles are prefixed with 044 or 045, and outbound calls to land lines were prefixed with 01.  This makes them easy to differentiate.

* After Aug 3, outbound calls to mobile and land lines will both have the same basic format, i.e. 10 digits starting with the area code.  This makes them difficult to differentiate.

* Some kind of government provided database will be made available that identifies all mobile phone numbers/ranges


If I'm mostly right, some thoughts/questions:


* How many entries are in this database?  If the number is in the hundreds to a few thousands, it may be possible to just create/maintain a bunch of translation/route patterns - which could be automated using the CUCM AXL SOAP API.  My understanding is that the max number of patterns is constrained by the CUCM performance profile based on the underlying server hardware, and that you can use the CUCM sizing tools to validate a particular configuration (total devices, lines, patterns, etc.)

* If the number is too large to use patterns, then you need to consider coding an application that will examine every outbound call, do a dynamic database lookup to check if its mobile, then route the call to the appropriate destination.  There are two APIs that might be suitable here: CURRI and TAPI / JTAPI (CURRI is probably the more approachable one.)