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How to Observe a non-cisco terminal from CUCM

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We have Axis Door Station registered on CUCM. It shows the status of this door station on the CUCM. However we used JTAPI and developed our own application to monitor few CISCO devices for their status, to report us when those devices are down.

Problem here, the JTAPI app  doesn't monitor the Axis door station it only monitors CISCO devices. It doesn't create an observer for AXIS device. How can we achieve this, how to monitor status of Non-cisco phone from CUCM using JTAPI? Or are there any other libraries or classes to do this?


Error: tryCreateTerminal caught CCNException Error: Invalid DeviceName

I checked the CiscoTerminal Interface createTerminal method.It listed this in its description

     "javax.telephony.InvalidArgumentException—The name provided does not correspond to a name of any CiscoMediaTerminal               known      to the Provider or within the Provider's domain"

So is there any work around to add non-cisco terminal that is being monitored on CUCM?

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Third party devices are not in Cisco's JTAPI supported device list. (




better late then never :)

if you just want to monitor 3rd Party clients (on a call or idle) you can use SIP to achieve this.

You actually need a sip trunk which points to your application. The sip trunk security profile must allow "Accept presence subscription" and the trunk itself need a "SUBSCRIBE Calling Search Space". This Subscribe CSS need to have the partition included where your AXIS devices are in.

So your application need to support sip subscribe and notify messages. If you subscribe to a DN, it will give you status updates. I'm not sure about any messages if the device goes offline but if you subscibe and unsubscribe every few minutes you would have the same result.



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