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Need help in UCCE Admin API usage.

Dear fellows,

I am working on UCCE Admin APIs. Actually I am stuck with  API requests and I need some help.

When I send request to an API such as http://<server>/unifiedconfig/config/skillgroup?summary=true using Firefox POSTER or a Java Web Service client, I get 401 unauthorized error with response body as "<html><head><title>Apache Tomcat/7.0.25 - Error report</title>".

When I try to send a GET request on the <server> URL using a browser I get following error in a browser pop-up window i.e. "Cisco VTG Realm."

Same goes for all the APIs.

Following are the main purpose which I am trying to achieve:

- Get the list of Skill Group of an Agent

- Add/Remove the skill groups to/from that Agent

- Get the list of Agents in an Skill Group

- Add/Remove the Agents to/from Skill Group

For this I am following “Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Developers Guide, Release 9.0(x)”.

For the solution of this problem I also contacted an expert, who is currently employed at CISCO. He replied that you should be using <adminuser>@domain as the user format.For example, on the lab here I’m accessing the API with as the username.

When I use credentials i.e. <adminuser>@domain, I get “403 Forbidden” error. Showing that the above request is not allowed to the user.

I also tried using Supervisor credentials, with or without the above mentioned format, but again faced “401 Unauthorized” error in both cases.

I again inform him and explain the whole problem then he replies that you’ll get a 403 if you are using https or the ICM version doesn’t support the API request that you’re issuing and you will get 401 if the user credential are incorrect.

After some digging I came to know that “403 Forbidden” error is caused if we are using an unsupported version of “ICM” or if we are not using “https.” I am using ICM v 9.0.4 & http, secondly the credentials used are correct and there is no issue with those credentials.

Kindly help me to resolve the above mentioned issues, so that I can proceed with using UCCE Admin APIs.

Thank you for your consideration.

Cisco Employee

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